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My original photo album, becoming more like a time capsule each day, since I don't organize photos into albums anymore.

Misc. Jey - Various pictures pictures of me from all different points of my life

Friends - Pictures of my friends

Orchestras - I also played in many youth orchestras in high school and these are pictures from concerts.

High School - In high school, I attended several academic competitions, and I have pictures from the big ones.

Airplanes - Pictures of planes in action at the 2000 St. Louis County Fair and Air Show, and stationary at the Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH.

Roads - My collection of photos and short video clips of roads and highways in St. Louis, MO, Texas, and beyond.

Ladue Strolling Strings - A collection of photos from my involvement with the Ladue Strolling Strings. In 2003 we toured through Hungary, Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Mittenwald, and München. Other tours include Washington, D.C., home of the Air Force Strolling Strings, and Branson, Missouri. We also attend strolling strings conventions across the country, including the 2001 convention in Kansas City, Missouri. Other trips that I've been on with the Ladue Strolling Strings from 1995-2000 include Disney World and a tour of England and France.

Photos: Overview | Misc. Jey | Friends | Orchestras | High School | Airplanes | Roads | Hungary | Vienna | Graz | Salzburg | Mittenwald | München | Washington | Branson | Kansas City | 1995-2000

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