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This is basically my collection of bookmarks that hopefully someone other that me will find useful.


MSDN - SQL Server reference (Cast and Convert, and more)
Symantec AntiVirus research Centre
Business Objects Product Guides

IT Industry

Unix History - an extensive timeline
The Real Rate Survey
JobStar - Computer & Engineering Salary Surveys
Slashdot: Stuff for Nerds

Web Design

Yale Style Manual
Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design
Dimitry's Design Lab -
W3 Schools - Online tutorials and references on web development languages

Computer Hardware

Computer Concepts Inc. - Excellent source of computer hardware in St. Louis
Tom's Hardware Guide - Graphics Cards
DVD Player Compatibility List - Which DVD media is compatible with which player
HP Part Surfer - find parts for HP computers
Plasma Online - Identify any sort of PC hardware Systems Guide - Comprehensive specs and info on every Macintosh ever made
Top 500 SuperComputers - Great site for the supercomputer enthusiast, lots of neat information
History of the Computer
A Guide to PC Motherboards
A random reference on PC motherboards and soundcards - lots of cool and helpful technical information!
DEW Associates on Identifying PC133 Memory Modules - and other RAMdom stuff
Steve's Digicams - The best collection of reviews on digital cameras ever, including sample photos from almost every camera!


- U.S. mailing zipcodes
- U.S. telephone area codes
Telephone Prefix Locator
TLD country codes
Amateur Radio Phonetics

Handhelds - The Palm Parts and Service Specialist


Subaru Legacy International
St. Louis Subaru Club
North American Subaru Impreza Club Legacy Forum
Everything Subaru - Everything you ever need to know about Subarus
Internet Movie Cars Database
Wheel Technical Information
The "Warped" Brake Disc and Other Myths of the Braking System - great article by Carroll Smith on brakes
SPO Motorsports - Subaru performance parts
Lou Fusz Automotive Network - Great dealer network in St. Louis z
Solo II Novice Handbook - Everything you need to know about your first autocross
Subaru High Mileage Club
St. Louis Region Rallycross Information Pages
Newport Convertible Engineering - they turn anything into a convertible
Team O'Neil Rally Racing School
Fun with the Rental Neon
Turn Fast! - a great resource for road racing
How Clutches Work


The Texas Highway Man
The Menace of Speed Limiters
Kurumi Design - Field Guide to Interchanges!


Roller Coaster Database
World's Tallest Buildings


Table of names of large numbers


Atlapedia Online
Earth View


Online Metronome
Cyber Hymnal
Ladue Strolling Strings
Steven Vance Strolling Violins - Top 100 Requests
The Music Stand - Online store that sells all sorts of music-related things
Interval Ear Trainer


Online Bible
The Religious Movements Reference - University of Virginia

Washington University

A map of the Hilltop Campus
CS241 Website
CS102 Website
CS422 Website
CS363 Website - Loui
CS524 Website
CS550 Website


Type A - Test your typing skills
MIT's Random Hall Bathroom Server
Myopia Simulator
Roger Ebert on Movies
Glowire - electroluminescent wire - The Ultimate VeggieTales Website
Hukcshold, The Great
Currency Converter

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