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After finally crossing the Hungary-Austrian border, we make our way to Vienna. The thumbnails direct you to pictures from Vienna.

Vienna, Austria

Wind power plants in Austria

Highway in Vienna

The Schönbrunn Palace garden with a view of the Gloriette.

A green model of a piano.

Ms. Siebke looking sharp after our performnace in front of St. Stephan's Cathedral.

The Schönbrunn Palace garden.

A view of the Schönbrunn Palace garden and Vienna from the Gloriette.

Miriam was one of the ones who went on the early morning runs through the Schönbrunn garden and up to the Gloriette with Ms. Siebke.

Franz Josef Church, which sits on the Danube.

Inside St. Stephan's Cathedral

The pulpit

The front area of the Cathedral

The organ in the rear, and pulpit again.

The organ pipes at the front of the church tower towards the ceilings.

Inside the Museum of Musical Instruments

Picture with our tour guide in Vienna in front of our hotel, which was across from Schönbrunn

St. Stephan's Cathedral

Gathering at the Vienna city center after walking on our own in the afternoon.

A panoramic view of Vienna from the Vienna Woods, with a view of the old and new Danube and the Millenium Tower, constructed from 4 pictures: 1 2 3 4

Coming down from the Vienna Woods, we spot a rainbow.

The City Hall at sunset, with a free concert being shown on a big screen.

Austrian Parliament building at night. The shack on top of the Parliament Building is rumoured to be Helmut's apartment.

The Gloriette at The Schönbrunn Palace

They have these things here too.

The outdoor stroll at St. Stephan's Cathedral revealed that we really needed wind screens for our microphones. I got some 6€ headphones at Niedermeyer, took the cushion off of one earpiece, cut it up with Mrs. Thomas' Swiss Army scissors, and taped them together with Ashish's scotch tape.


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