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Salzburg, Austria

We journey from Graz towards the Alps into Salzburg. The thumbnails direct you to the larger pictures.

Ms. Siebke practices on the bus ride to Salzburg.

The views of the Alps as we journey to Salzburg

Maybe the curfew extension was not such a great idea after all.

In Salzburg, another form of mass transportation that's popular are electric busses that draw electricity from the power grid.

We found this explanatory letter in our hotel room.

Helmut, our tour guide, leads us through the streets of the Salzburg city center to get to our concert venue, Kapitelplatz.

Arriving at Kapitelplatz

Unloading the sound equipment off of the minibus

Performance at the Kapitelplatz (pictures taken by Natalie)

Reid completing his sound tear-down job - speakers, so we can load the sound equipment into our minibus.

Sarah has fun with the toys they've provided in the hotel lobby.

View across the Salzach River towards the old downtown Salzburg, with the Salzburg Castle dating from 1077-1500 sitting on the hill.

The view of Salzburg from the castle, with the Kapitelplatz in the lower right corner.

Climbing our way into the castle for the chamber music concert held there that evening.

View of Salzburg from the top of those stairs.

The view from the other side of the castle - mountains in Germany.

Inside the castle, before entering the concert hall.

Playing with the toys in the hotel lobby.

Mirabell Gardens, looking towards the Salzburg Castle.

The girls doing their Sound of Music pose at a gate where they filmed part of the Do-Re-Mi song.

Mirabell Gardens, looking towards the Salzburg Castle.

The baroque Horse fountain in the Residenzplatz in front of the new carillon of the Bishop's Residenz. St. Michael's Church sits on the left.

Inside the Salzburg Cathedral, with a view of 4 of the 5 original organs, each with mirrors for the players so they can see the conductor stading on the Cathedral floor when a piece that calls for 4 organs is being played.

The fifth organ in the rear, a contemporary model.

More views inside the Salzburg Cathedral

Panoramic view from the castle, constructed from 7 pictures: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

St. Peter's Cemetery, with catacombs dating back to 215 AD.

A view out the window of Mozart's birthplace.

Carriage ride through old Salzburg

A view of the the Residenzplatz, with the Horse fountain in front of the Salzburg Cathedral and Residenz, and the St. Michael's Church to the right.

A sleepy bus after a day spent walking around in Salzburg.

I was trying to read the hygrometer outside the hotel, only to see it rise 1% as I breathed on it. Kevin one-upped me by modifying the humidity reading by 10%.

Meanwhile, Ashish demonstrates his ability to balance a marker on his nose.

If you park here, your car will be schlepped.


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