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München, Germany

Our last stop in Europe was München (Munich), Germany, where we celebrated and got on the plane to head back to St. Louis. The thumbnails direct you to the larger pictures.

A tunnel in the German Autobahn.

German Autobahn with electronic signage.

At the hotel in München, we have dinner and celebrate a little. Everyone hand Rebecca your camera...

Didi, Mr. and Mrs. P, and Helmut

Kevin proposes a toast - Ega-shegadre!

Presenting cards and awards

Movie - Rebecca and Hilary entertain us with the Lance Armstrong songs again.

After dinner and happy

Mr. Ginsburg completing currency exchange transactions

Partying and taking pictures in the hotel room

Ashish describes Eric's wallet as "insanely large".

Reid is famous.

Hilary's version of taking nap.

Didi and Helmut in front of our tour bus. They have to drive back to Austria where they live.

In spite of the numerous requests from the audience for CDs along the trip, we managed to hang on to the ones we brought and present them to Didi and Helmut as tokens of appreciation.

The München airport was filled with digital displays.

This one has a problem...

The München International Airport, with glass gates corridors..

Flying over Germany

Our luggage at Dulles International Airport

After being delayed at Dulles for 3 hours due to a series of storms between Washington, D.C. and Chicago, we were finally able to fly.

But that also means we miss our connecting flight to St. Louis. Not having called ahead to get on the last plane to St. Louis, we end up staying overnight to get on a flight for the next morning. United Airlines doesn't pay for our hotel, because they don't take responsibility for weather delays, but our travel insurance does.

How are we going to send our letter to our Congressman if they don't refill the boxes?

Camping out as Mrs. P phones around to find a hotel with enough non-smoking rooms for all of us.

Guess we'll have to take the elevator...

An interesting part of O'Hare International Airport

Loading the cellos and our luggage onto the plane

The welcome home to St. Louis

Everything made it in once piece - even the box of music stands!

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