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Mittenwald, Germany

From Salzburg we head for München, but we stop at Mittenwald in between to spend a couple hours performing and looking around. The thumbnails direct you to the larger pictures.

There were several castles built on the side of the mountains on our drive to Mittenwald.

Entrace to the Swarovski factory outlet center

View of the Alps at the Swarovski factory

We have avid fans of Lance Armstrong with us, and they've been tracking his progress in the Tour de France for the entire tour. On the bus ride to Mittenwald, Hilary and Rebecca serenade us with Lance Armstrong songs. The tunes sound awfully familiar, though.

Movie - Here is the end of one of the Lance Armstrong waltzes that calls for his picture being put a stamp, considering the USPS is his biggest sponser.

More of the countryside in the Alps

"Climb every mountain..."

As much as I would have loved for a picture of us in the Alps, we didn't take the time to organize it so this is as close as it gets.

I would also like the motorcycle in the Alps like this fellow, but I don't think that can be arranged.

Our tour bus in the Alps

The German Autobahn through the Alps.

The city center of Mittenwald, with a little channeled stream that runs through it.

The restaurant we ate at for lunch was nice enough to let us store our sound equipment there, since obviously the bus couldn't wait anywhere while we ate lunch, set up sound, visited the violin museum, and go do some shopping. Of course, this was the back room of the restaurant - we had to schlepp all the stuff through it first.

Let's hear it for the red Subaru Legacy - in Mittenwald.

How about the red Forester? It's time to back the tour bus into the small roads of the city center and load the sound equipment. Didi and Helmut makes sure that everything is on before we pull out - not that we can wait around with this gigantic thing blocking the road or anything.

The red Forester is schlepping quite a load of... grass.

Hannah, flowers, the Alps, and a silver Audi Allroad. It doesn't get much better than that.

SMART car in Mittenwald


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