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The 2003 Ladue Strolling Strings European Tour started out in Hungary. The thumbnails direct you to the larger pictures from the first part of the trip.

Hungary, 2003

We all gather at the St. Louis International Airport, ready to go. Our journey over to Europe via United Airlines first takes us up to Chicago, then Frankfurt, Germany, and finally to Budapest, Hungary on Lufthansa.

A view over Lake Michigan from the Boeing 777 we took.

We arrive in Budapest at 9:20, so we all tried to sleep on the plane so we could be rested for our first day in Budapest!

The sun casted a nice soft red glow through the window of the plane.

The Frankfurt airport is pretty nice.

Loading the plane to Budapest!

A view of Frankfurt from the plane.

Look, we get Recaro seats on the airplane.


Budapest skyline panorama, constructed from 7 pictures: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Touring the historical area near the Fisherman's Bastion. Magda was our wonderful tour guide for the city.

A model is made of the Fisherman's Bastion with braille descriptions on it for blind visitors.

Trinity Square

Matthias Church at the Fisherman's Bastion. Ceramic tiles are typical of architecture here.

Streets around the Fisherman's Bastion

The Fisherman's Bastion, with the ceramic tiles of the Matthias Church visible.

The view from the Fisherman's Bastion.

The Parliament Building from the Fisherman's Bastion.

Mr. P is trying to get pictures of Budapest from the Fisherman's Bastion.

Fisherman's Bastion, with a wonderful view of the Matthias Church.

More picture-taking from Fisherman's Bastion, except Kevin's got his camera pointing the wrong way.

First day of the trip and we're already leaving Mrs. Yokoyama behind.

The yellow building close to Fisherman's Bastion is a thermal bath house. From this view, you can also see the island that sits on the Danube River.

Fisherman's Bastion.

Beth and I at... all together now... Fisherman's Bastion.

Budapest synagogue, Europe's biggest synagogue

Inside the Jewish Museum next to the synagogue.

The athletic complex in Budapest.

The Museum of Fine Arts sits on one side of Hero's Square.

A building near Hero's Square that remains from the Exposition. In the winter the pond turns into an ice skating rink.

We observe the ceremony with the colour guards in Hero's Square. From this side, you can see the Art Gallery.

Ceremony with colour guards in Hero's Square, with the Museum of Fine Arts in the background.

The government official from South Korea arrives in an Audi S8.

Color guards carrying the wreath up.

The South Korean official blesses the wreath.

The color guards march out.

Hero's Sqaure

The Art Gallery.

South Korea flag on the wreath.

The Budapest Basilica

The architecture at the entrance to the Basilica.

The twelve disciples portrayed at the entrance to the Basilica.

Inside the Basilica

The organ at the back of the Basilica.

The Basilica dome from the inside.

Cornice detail

Outside the Basilica again.

Sarah, Stefanie, and Hilary enjoy lunch at the city centre's pedestrian walkway.

Budapest's Vegetable Market

The Parliament Building from the river - some part of the exterior is always under restoration.

The Buda Castle

From this angle, you can see some of the remaining walls that surrounded the Castle.

The Rock Church

Looking towards the South on the river, with a view of the construction cranes in that area.

Technical University of Budapest

On the cruise down and up the River Danube.

The Buda Castle lit up and night.

There is a portrayal of the map of Budapest in tiles on the hotel lobby.

Is the one reading the newspaper from our group? Sure is. "Look at Ms. Hollywood", says Mr. P.

We drive down to Kecskemet.

We unload at the farm at Kecskemet. Recent dry weather has caused the dirt to turn into sand in the rural areas.

Reid's a nice guy. He offered to carry everyone's backpack while we were there.

Everyone takes turns trying to crack the whip.

After messing with the whip, there is a Hungarian style rodeo show.

Ms. Siebke gave the kids too early a curfew the night before, so the Hungarian cowboy is treating her with a traditional trick with the whip. Disclaimer: Ms. Siebke was not hurt in the process of producing these photos.

The cowboys have trained the horses to be in all sorts of unnatural positions.

+5 HP

Now it's our turn to show off our horse riding skills.

Hannah riding shotgun on the trail ride.

I could have told you from the very beginning that this is how Didi, our bus driver, rallycrosses on his spare time.

Hannah and the cowboy.

Steafanie gets her goulash.

We eat lunch with live Hungarian music playing. The black instrument is Hungarian, and produces sound by striking mallets on stretched strings. Something like a hammered dulcimer I suppose.

We perform back in Budapest that afternoon at the Franz Liszt Square. (pictures taken by the Ginsburgs)

Sound Teardown

The streets in Budapest are pretty narrow, and people park on the sidewalk and what-not.

A SMART car in Budapest

The chaperones on the trip were awesome - they ended up doing more than half of the sound equipment schlepping since everyone had their instruments to take care of.

As we drive from Budapest to Vienna, we enjoy the Hungarian countryside, which is filled with fields of sunflowers.

According to the border control officer, there hasn't been a line this bad at the Austria-Hungarian border in 20 years. There's got to be a faster way to get through this.


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