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Washington, DC, 2002

Our most recent tour was to Washington, DC, where we played at the Old Post Office Pavilion and Market Square. The thumbnails direct you to the larger pictures.

We line up in arc formation at an amphitheatre in the Arlington Cemetary.

The strollers get really close and somewhat wet to one of the waterfalls at the FDR Memorial.

The first venue we played at was the Old Post Office Pavilion during the lunch hour.

Eric and I step out to stroll through the tables where many workers in downtown DC stop daily to eat lunch.

Ashish introduces the next piece as we play at Market Square in Old Alexandria.

We strolled for a few elementary school classes that walked down during lunch to hear us play, as well as any others who may have been passing by.

We managed to get more than half of the show in before the rain came.
We're acting goofy in the hotel lobby and decided to "make it fit".

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