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I went to the 2000 St. Louis County Fair and Air Show at the Spirit of St. Louis Airport on Labour Day weekend. I brought the Olympus C-2020 digital camera, and took some shots. Some of the turned out really well. The thumbnails are below with brief descriptions.

Check out what is written on that bomb on the plane.
My brother next to a turbine

That's my brother next to a turbine of a Lockheed S-3 Viking.

Here we have a nice picture of a maneuver done by some stunt planes.

The crowd wasn't all too bad, but there were still lots of people there.

Stealth bomber, yeah.

Here it is again, these things look tight.

This is a tiny jet, only 12 feet long, and 17 feet of wingspan.

It has immense amounts of power and maneuvering capabilities. I was impressed.

The last part of the show was the Blue Angels, 4 of which can be seen here taking off together in the diamond formation.

And they're off. Man I love that picture. I love the camera.

And they do their usual awesome maneuvers.

Such as opposing minimum-distance approaches. Man those were awesome!

Look closely. Yes, that is two planes. One up-side down, with minimum distance separating the two. Totally neat. Hey, I got a pretty nice shot of that.

More aweosme maneuvering, excellent coordination.

Now they do 6-plane maneuvers.

Another loop.

Wow. That is pretty. I think it's what they called a fleur de lis or something.

The beginning of another 6-plane separation. Hmmm, I think the 6th one is already below my camera lens.

And now they land. This is Blue Angel #2 landing. Wow, an airshow right in front of the runway is awesome.

I had my brother take a picture of the entire fairground while I drove out of it.

I visited the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio on the 15th of August, 2003. The following were shot there with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P32.

1908 Wright flyer

Caproni CA 36 Bomber: a WWI bomber, one of the first bombers

B-10 Bomber

Douglas B-18A Bolo

Radioplane OQ-19D Radio-controlled Aerial Target: used by the air force in training to provide fake targets for trainees to shoot at in the 40s - shows how expensive training can be.

Messerschmitt Me 163B "Komet": there's no propeller on this WWII Nazi plane, it's rocket-powered!

Consolidated OA-10 "Catalina"

MXY7-K1 trainer: Japan used this modified kamikaze plane to train kamikaze pilots to fly straight into the U.S. Navy ships.

X-JET: a concept for a small jet engine to propel a personal craft capable of maneuvering relatively close but off the ground.

Boeing Bird of Prey: hanging above other planes that have also tested the concept of "tail-less unmanned aircraft".

F-86H "Sabre": with the shell off so you can see the insides

Conair B-36J: with 6 turboprop engines and 4 jet engines for maximum thrust

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