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I play in many different orchestras, and I happen to have some pictures of orchestras I played in during High School. Most of these are captured from Hi8 video on my video capture card, so they aren't the best of pictures, especially when the camera isn't still half the time. The thumbnails direct you to the larger pictures.

2001 All-Suburban Orchestra

All-Suburban Orchestra 2001 - a great experience.

Tuning the orchestra

Dr. Richards was a great conductor to work with. It was fun to have Andrea over on principle 2nd violin too.

We had a good time playing Mendelssohn, Kreiser, and C.P.E. Bach.

The concert went pretty well. I was happy, a lot of people I knew actually came to it, including our school principal.

All-State Orchestras

All-State Orchetra 2001 was so much fun! Our conductor was great, and we played West Side Story, which was very hard but an awesome piece.

I'm in that first violin section... somewhere.

The bass section, with Adam from our school as principle.


This is the Missouri All-State Orchestra of 2000. I was in it, and it was such an awesome experience. That file is big, BTW, but it lets you see all the people in the orchestra. (444k)

Young People's Symphonic Orchestra

Young People's Symphonic Orchestra for the 1999-2000 school year. Here's a video frame freeze of the beginning of the 1st concert in February.

We played Rossini's Barber of Seville, an orchestration of a piano piece by DeBussy, and Tchaikovsky's 2nd Symphony.

We play in the concert hall at the St. Louis Symphony Music School.

Ladue Horton Watkins High School Orchestra

Here, I am giving a young student a hands-on experience with the violin in a community service project done with the Ladue High School Orchestra.

This is our entire school orchestra after the fundraiser of A Night of Chamber Music in February of 2000.

I substituted for a violin quartet in the 2000 distric Solo-Ensemble festival. We received a 1 rating on this one so we went out to the State festival later that year.

I played in a string quartet for the performace in the orchestra fundraiser in February, 2000.

Here I am substituting again, but playing 2nd violin this time for that violin quartet at the fundraiser.

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