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Here are some recent miscellaneous pictures of me. The thumbnails direct you to the larger pictures.

The beautiful Atlantic Sharpnose shark I caught aboard the Wharf Cat on the 2008 vacation with Haley's family to Port Aransas.

Sitting on a rock in the middle of a stream at a national park in Taiwan.

With my grandmother in front of Nan-an waterfall right after a typhoon, so it's outputting more water than usual.

With a bunch of people with my grandmother's church in Taiwan.

Driving an awesome fast go-kart track in Dallas. This baby has real suspension components, and all the karts were computerized and the laps were timed.

It was all about brake-in, throttle-out, sending the car in a slight, balanced, and controlled oversteer skids on each turn. Wow! The best go-karting I'd experienced.

Webcams are cool. Look, I can watch myself take a picture of myself.

Hannah took this picture of me in her backyard.

I play violin. The following are pictures dumped from video from the district 2000 Solo-Ensemeble festival.

It always seems to snow at the Missouri All-State Music Conferences at the Tan-Tar-A resort in the Ozarks. I took these photos at the 2000 conference.

I was also on the Road Scholars crew as we traveled through the Deciduous Forests of the United States, and they took some good shots of us; some of the thumbnails are below.

Me posing with a map in the driver's seat of our Jeep Cherokee with a 4.0L V6 Posing with a map The Road Scholars Crew interviewing the owner of a Chip Mill with a really cool big Earthmover in the back A truck being dumped. The Road Scholars Crew with the Forest Manager walking through the forest

One day I will scan in more of my childhood photo album, but for now here are three that I like the most:

I am chilling out at Washington University in October 1986.

I'm on my beloved scooter. I know they were going out in 1990 when this was taken, but I loved it. The old school scooters had air-filled tyres, dual brakes, and all that.

I am playing violin for my 4-month-old brother in September 1991.

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