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Pictures of family - The thumbnails link you to the larger pictures.

Sunny and Mollie

Sunny lounging in the living room.

Haley and I

Haley and I at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

Haley and I at the 2005 Commencement at Washington University in St. Louis.

Haley and I before the Christmas formal.

Mollie (Haley's cat) and I.

Pictures of my friends - The thumbnails link you to the larger pictures.

I've missed taking better pictures of Blaise, so I have to settle with this one that Hannah took of him describing something - probably how loud his Neon is.

Amie and Matt

"WRX gives birth to intake." Joe puts the finishing touches on plugging up the holes left by removing our intake silencers and converting the intake path to draw cold air.

Joe in front of Bear's Den at WU (Wohl Center) - he transferred to UIUC like a year ago and while we were walking through Wohl he almost says to me, "Hold on, let me check my (snail) mail..."

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