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Ping Computer Solutions holds 8 years of experience in PC support. The office now holds equipment to provide the latest solutions in an efficient manner.

Recovery PC and Business Control Center - The Recovery PC on the desk has the sole function of performing virus, malware, and spyware recovery on client machines. The cover is removed to allow for easy docking of client hard drives to the recovery PC for repair. The recovery PC's large hard drive can perform quick hard drive mirroring and backup. The other PCs are used to perform research, manage billing/invoicing, and monitor remote systems.

Some pictures of offices from the past:

From 2001 to 2003 I operated out of my dorm room at Washington University. Desk space was scarce, so a hardware switch was installed to operate 4 computers from one monitor.
The scanner and printer went under the bed.
The L-shaped work area even incorporates a music stand, which is very convenient for holding documents and playing violin in the room.
During breaks from college, I had a temporary setup in the basement at home. Four mouses is a tight fit for one mouse pad...
The first office setup I had up until 2001 involved keeping 16 computers in my 8.5' x 10.5' bedroom.

I established the tradition of using recycled doors as a desk top from the very beginning.

My bed was on the other wall of the room, and I slept on the bottom of the "bunk bed". The "top bunk" had the big stash of hardware, such as servers, the printer, and networking equipment.

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