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2000 Acura Integra - My current project car.

Joe bought me this new car as a Christmas present from a dealer near the Champaign, IL area. In spite of it being from the 2000 model year, it was brand new and had 0 miles on it. This Integra is documented as a Type R, but I am skeptical, because the Type-R did not come with a sunroof option, but it has a 5-lug bolt pattern and the 7-spoke Type-R rims. The 2000 model year Type-Rs also only came in black and yellow - white was only available in 1998. My only guess is that it's a special model, imported from Japan, since it has no badging indicating the trim level.

Engine: 1.8L I4, 195 bhp @ 8000rpm, 130 lb-ft of torque @ 7500 rpm. It doesn't have nearly as much torque as my Subaru Legacy, but it doesn't matter, because peak torque happens above the red line of my Subaru.

Aftermarket Parts ready to install

Joe was nice enough to throw in all sorts of performance parts for my Integra. Right now everything is stock. I will probably install them in this order:

  1. Window tinting kit
  2. Volk Racing 17" Trophy Silver wheels with Nitto NT 555 tyres
  3. Front Neuspeed Strut Tower Brace
  4. Dual Apex N1 exhaust
  5. AEM intake
  6. Sparco racing seats
  7. Ground Design 2000 Black Widow 1 Body Kit (This may never go on, even though it's good for +20 hp. I think I'll lose too much power in the low end.)

I better be careful with these expensive mods, they all came with a warning card. Wow, I sure hope those axles will be able to handle the 130 lb-ft of torque when I send it into a drag race.

Past Modifications

Stage 1 Weight Reduction - 28th of April, 2003

I was running 1/4 miles the other day and was not satisfied with what I was running. Not wanting to spend money on NOS or a turbo, I decided I'd attempt to run faster 1/4 miles for free - through weight reductions. I figured the safest thing first to do is take off the rear bumper. It does not offer any aerodynamic advantage, being in the back and all. Then I took off all the glass - windows, windshields, sunroof - which are very heavy. Then I took off the hood, even though I would loose a little aerodynamic advantage, because it would not only offer a saving in weight, but also cool the engine bay. Unnecessary accessories were also removed, such as air conditioning and radio. Finally, the interior was stripped, all the seats and panels, and I put in one of the Sparco racing seats since it's lighter.

Window Tint - 28th of April, 2003

It started raining, and I quickly discovered the disadvantages to having no windows. Since they were already off, I decided to tint them before I put them back in. The interior and accessories also went back in too.

By the way, this car is scaled down to 1:43 to save on weight.

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